Friday, January 27, 2012

Holiday story time

Every Wednesday in January we have been hosting a story time at Work. Each week I had a specific theme and two stories were read each week.

First week our theme was animals. I read all set for the big wet - an aussie version of the ants go marching one by one....

2nd book was the very funny "Thank you for looking after our pets". The kids loved this book about some very strange pets - like elephants and penguins and a bonus houseplant, a Venus fly trap.

& my gorgeous story time kids.

2nd weeks theme was "My favourite story". I read "Each Peach Pear PLum", this was my very favourite story to read to my children when they were littlies.

Then Haylee, my daughter, read her favourite book that she reads to her pre school children, The very Hungry Caterpillar. Haylee then retold the story again and used a felt board with little felt piccies of each part of the story. Each child had at least one picture to put on the board. the enjoyed this immensely.

Haylee & I with our story time children.

Week three - beach fun. I read Looking for Crab & Magic Beach. We then had a ball throwing two beach balls around the story time area, trying as hard as we could to keep the beach balls off the floor.

We forgot to have a photo with all the children there, half had left b4 I was reminded.

And lastly this weeks story time theme was Australia. I read "The wheels on the ute" and "Are we there yet". Are we there yet was a very long story and I had to stop a couple of times to bring kids attention back, but we got there.

Only a very small group this week.


Quiltin' Sandy said...

Lovely pictures, Gail. Looks like everyone had the best time. Great to get children interested in reading at a young age too! :)

Ondrea said...

What a fantastic job you have! There is nothing more exciting than children being interested in books. People like yourself help children realise how wonderful reading is, a great gift to hang on to forever.

Karen L said...

Love your update Gail. The photos look great. What an awesome job you have. I love working with books too, and I also get to read kids stories. There is something quite magical about it isn't there.