Thursday, January 26, 2012

Catching up with family.

Last Saturday I went with Haylee, my sister, Davina and niece, Erin to Gerringong Markets. We spent quite a few hours wandering around, looking at all the wonderful stalls. we bought quite a bit of fruit, some cheese & olives. The others bought some steamed pork buns & shanghai dumplings, I took a packed chicken salad. since I have started the FODMAP elimination diet I pretty much have to take my own food wherever I go. we sat on a hill overlooking the beach and ate our picnic lunch.

Tuesday we accompanied my niece to Penrith where she was having her hair done. we caught up with another sister, Jeneen, her daughter Natalie and our newest great niece, Violet. We had a great day of catching up & shopping. We were there for 5 hours and were lucky if we saw 1/4 of Penrith Westfield.

Here I am pictured with my sisters.

Haylee & i having a few cuddles with little Violet.

This top picture was taken by a lady sitting just near us but not before Jeneen made 2 attempts at setting her timer and just not getting back to her seat in time. It was soooooo funny, we were the food hall entertainment for the day.

Here i am having a laugh with my sister and then another cuddle with Violet.

we had a wonderful day and am really looking forward to doing it again in the not too distant future.


Gloria said...

Your pics are great ....such a happy spending time with family.

Liz said...

lovely family snaps.Gorgeous little baby