Monday, January 30, 2012

Denim Skirt bag

My niece, who joined the navy in 2010, was home over the holidays and was sorting our her wardrobe. getting rid of all the clothes she will never wear again. She had this gorgeous denim skirt, with an embroidered girl on the back, that she just loved but knew she would never get back into it. She had a thought that it would make a fabulous bag and it did. I made it for her for her 25th birthday. I used the waistband of another pair of jeans as the strap and added a pocket from the same jeans to the spotted lining i made. It just came together just beautifully. She loved it and I was very happy with the outcome.


Linda said...

Fantastic Gail, you did a great job!

Margarita said...

That works really well Gail.

Tara K said...

Very nice! I love making new things out of old/never to be used things! :)