Thursday, November 25, 2010

1 Month to go

Yes that right Christmas is only one month away. Scary thought huh. I have only bought 6 pressies and have plans to make quite a few more, I need more time. or perhaps I need to learn how to manage the time I have much better.

I decided after a few years of not participating that I would join the Advent swap in the craft forum. here is the bundle of goodies I have sent off to Helen and a sneak peak at her 25th gift.


Melanie said...

Christmas is creeping up too quickly. Lillee has put in her Santa wishlist which is a digital camera so I am doing okay. lol

I made alist of all the gifts I need to get so Im getting organised. lol

Love those handmade items.

Linda said...

The Advent Swap is so much fun and really does make the lead up to Christmas a bit more special.