Sunday, November 28, 2010

More aprons

Since the SECET fundraiser I have been busy making more aprons as commissions for friends. These are still as a fundraiser for SECET and if time allows I will continue to make them. I was given a big bundle of fabrics from one of my FB friends to use so have no excuse now. Hoping to cut a heap out and just sew one every now and then so I will have a stockpile for the next fundraiser - i think theres one in April.
At the moment I am still in the hexagon & framed hexagon swap - may leave it for a month as December is just too busy, if this weeks roster is anything to go by , I have been rostered on for 6 days straight, they may only be part days but is been a long time since I have worked anymore that 3 days in a row. Anyway back to the hexys- the framed one is for Natalie and the flowers is for Vicki, they should both receive them in the next few days. I loved making both of these as these are so my colours and have used some of my favourite fabrics in both of them.


Marydon said...

What beautiful creations, Nance. Love them ...

Have a beautiful week.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Robyn said...

Wonderful aprons. Lucky friends :). They will sell themselves at the fundraiser!