Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Frogs - green ones this time

Thought I would start this post with who is normally the star of our garden - our beautiful border collie Ziggy Stardust. isn't he gorgeous?

The frog story continues.....................

But now we have green ones. I would have last month that frogs scare me - I loved to look at pics but didn't want them near me. But I must admit I am warming to these ones - they just better not jump on me as I am sure that would be an entirely different story.

I have no idea where these frogs have come from as we really don't have a suitable hatching area on our property - ie no ponds but 2 tiny little water features that often are dry from Ziggy drinking from them. There are however a few properties with dams so maybe they have migrated from there.

I also have no idea what type of frogs these are. Let me know if you do.

Some have a lot of brown on them like this one - which is why I wondered if these were the little brown frogs just maturing.

Frog party in the weeds.

It really is cute, isn't it??????


Marydon Ford said...

Did you realize you have frogs in your garden? Chuckle!

Have a fun eve ...
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Cass said...

Oh they are so cute! :)