Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gifts I have made so far this year

As previously stated 2010 will be the year of the handmade for me.
I have been making more food stuffs including black olive tapenade, Green curry paste, green capsicum puree and a batch of pasta sauce with Royce.
I have also started on my gift box - soooooooooo I have made quite a few hand towels with hangers for the kitchen. I needed to replace some that my mum crocheted for me, they were quite ragged as mum died almost 7 years ago. Thanks to Karen for the idea and the pattern that I tweaked to include the hanger in one piece.

I would really love to make some pot holders to go these also. Might try to do that in between autumn cleaning my bedroom and hallway.

I have made a pile of baby burpers as I know so many people who are expecting at the moment. In fact one of them had a baby girl just yesterday so i need to send them a couple of these for Kate. And another friend has just announced that he and his wife are expecting in November. So all these burpers will be put to good use.

I am also hoping to use up some of my scrap strips to make up quite a few pincushions just like the tuffets in the post below.


Cass said...

Wow, you've been doing a fantastic job there Gail. :)
It's so much more rewarding to make a gift than to buy one.

Karen's Korner said...

The towels turned out lovely Gail. Well done. I love those baby burb cloths. A girl at work is due in June so I think I will get to and make a couple for her.

Bev C said...

Gail, You have been busy cooking Yum!!! love the towels and baby burpers. Yes getting something made with love is always extra special. Have a wonderfully Happy Monday.


Tozz said...

Lots of goodies Gail. :) Very nice and I bet its a beaut feeling to have all these made too :) hugs Vicki

clare's craftroom said...

Gail you've gotten so much done ! Great work getting some presents ready .

Melanie said...

The teatowels and burpers look wonderful Gail, I wished I was more cluey with sewing. lol