Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Day 2 - Auckland - Rotorua

Thursday 6.oo am wake up call. Bags outside door and breakfast at 6.30 . Here we find the rest of our tour company. In the bus we meet our driver Rangi and on our way by 7.30am.

First port of call Mount Eden, mu very first view of a volcano crater. here you get absolutely amazing views of Auckland.

Haylee at Mount Eden.

From Mount Eden we begin our travel to Rotorua via the Waitomo caves and glow worm den. This was so awesome. Was not allowed to take pics in the caves so i had to be happy with a post card. But we did take a few pics out side.
May (My Bui) offered to take a pic of Haylee & I after I took a photo of her (from the chest up and not too close).

Just a glimpse of how amazing the caves were. We finished our tour of the caves with a float among the glow worm den - oh my that was STUNNING.

We passed the HQ of the Maori King and our coach captain briefly stopped long enough for us to quickly get a snap (he is not suppose to stop!)

As we entered Rotorua we passed the museum.
I will have more pics of Rotorua up tomorrow.

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Prim2Pink said...

Those are amazing pictures!
I can't believe that they built such a beautiful city that close to the volcano. I'll be back tomorrow to see some more. I love to see places from other countries that I will probably never to get to see in person.