Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Our New Zealand Trip - Aukland

Haylee & I arrived in Auckland about 8.30pm Tuesday January 12 After a bit if a rocky start. Qantas had overbook our flight and we (& 1 other person - Adam) had no seat. We however flew out half an hour later with Air New Zealand.
we were picked up at the airport and delivered to our Motel. One of the few things I remember about the ride to our motel was seeing Sky Tower for the first time, it was lit up with pinky red lights and looked fabulous - this pics however was taken underneath it the next day. We also witnessed one of the jumps they do from sky tower.
Or first morning we just wandered around Auckland after having a really nice breaky at Cage Geco. very enjoyable and not too expensive.

We walked passed this site with this amazing billboard, it didn't come out too well in the photo but this billboard is covered in working pinwheels.

We noticed that NZ has the most beautiful Churches and this Anglican church in Auckland is no exception. It was really hard to take a photo of the whole Church.

We went to NZ a day before our tour started as we wanted to catch up with an old friend (and a new friend but more of her to come) uncle Pete. John worked with Peter in the early 80's at 2ST. The last time I saw Peter I was expecting Haylee - over 23 years ago. It was so good to catch up with him, he hasn't changed at all. We had morning tea with him and just talked for over an hour. The exciting news now is that he has been given a job in Canberra with another guy that John used to work with and is moving back to Australia.

The other person we wanted to catch up with is Trish. I have known Trish on line now for over 5 years. We originally met through the craft forum
. trish came to our motel and picked us up for a locals tour. Here we are at a fountain at one of Trish's favourite places, Mission Bay.

We were able to see Rangitoto Island, which is the largest and the youngest of NZ's volcano's. It last erupted 740 years ago.
Trish had trekked it just the day b4 .

How gorgeous is this very old stone Cottage. It's over 150 years old and is now a cafe.

Trish took us up to Arataki where we could look over and see Auckland's Harbours. But I was very impressed with how green and lush the view was.

I can't remember the name of this Mountain that Trish took us too BUT it really was more of a Mole Hill. It did however give great views of the city.

This is just a few of the many pics I have of Auckland BUT I need to warn you there is more of NZ tom come. I took over 1300 photos and Haylee took aver 1100.
So over the next few days I will take you through each day of our 14 day tour, which started about an hour after Trish dropped us back at our motel with dinner and meeting a few of the people who would be on the tour with us. we had dinner with Olive and her daughter Sue & Marianne. Marianne is from England and was visiting her mum & sister in WA, but they decided all to do a NZ trip together.

This last pics is of Trish & I just b4 we said our goodbyes at our motel.

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