Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Buried Village

Rangi our coach captain asked us if we would like to do an extra little tour to a buried village just outside of Rotorua, most of us did, so we picked up his cousin, Huru, and drove out past lake Tikitapu, the blue lake, (a glacial lake with natural springs) named so because the Tribal chiefs daughter lost her sacred Tiki while swimming there and the Green Lake the only private lake in Rotorua (there are 17 ), has an island which is a scared burial ground.

We saw these very rare rock paintings. Maoris are not known for paintings, they tell their stories through carvings. These paintings are believed to be telling the story of the great migration of the Maori people from Tahiti.

Mount Tarawera, erupted suddenly in 1886 burying this village and several others. Huru's great grand uncle was the villages spirit leader. He warned that something bad would happen, and when the volcano erupted they blamed him and left this home buried for 3 days. He was still alive when they did uncover him but later died.

Buried blacksmith shed.

Cooking area.

We walked along Te Wairo - the long water up to this waterfall - down 100 steps.


And then had to walk these steps and many more back

After this very long day 7 of us were left at the Polynesian spas for a couple of hours of resting up in the thermal pools. It was DIVINE. We started in the 39c pool and made our way up to the 42c pool. then we went for a swim in the cool 37c pool and back again to the 42c.
It was so nice and relaxing.
Back to our motel for a vey enjoyable meal at Mr Yakitoris. First time Haylee & I have had japanese skewers. It started with cabbage and mayo, miso soup, 8 different skewers each and finished with green tea ice cream. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMy.


Lucky-1 said...

Gail I have so enjoyed reading about your holiday and the photos are just wonderful:D

goodshep4 said...

These photos bringing back very good memories, lovely thanks for sharing :)