Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Agrodome & Paradise Valley

On day 3 we headed off to the agrodome. NZ was very much a sheep farming island (until recently where they starting to change to cattle farming). the agrodome shows the 12 different sheep bred in NZ, how to shear a sheep and a dog display.

here we are on our way to the agrodome.

Sheep shearing demo.

Halyee getting up close and personal with a sheep.

Paradise Valley was a wildlife farm and the home of a beautiful clear spring, that we were able to taste the water of. There was a tree top walk, lions, kias, alpacas, miniature horse and its 6 week old foal and many many trout and ducks, even a black swan.

NZ native Silver fern.

Rainbow trout were pletyful at paradise Valley, they came here to spawn each year, but are not farmed here.

Had to take this pic on the fence to the ajoining property.

Te Waireka Spring.

Our guide collecting water at the spring for us to to taste.

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