Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blogtoberfest day 28 - Recipe holder and other bits

Quite a few weeks ago now, when we had Jess & Kristy over for a scrap day, Kristy and I both made an altered recipe Holder. It was SO fiddly. Painting that scroll at the top and on the end of the legs took so long to do. BUT I am happy with the results and it looks great on display in my kitchen. I must say that I will NEVER do another recipe holder again.

here it is in use.

This little collection of dolls are mostly swap I have received over the years. The doll with the big bow on her head, Faith, was made for me by
Chrissy in my first doll swap - which was my 2nd ever swap in the craft forum. I made her a doll exactly like the shaker doll down the other end of the chair (which incidentally was my John's chair when he was a little tike). I can't remember whether the one I made her is Violet or Daisy - but whichever hers is called mine is called the other.
The purple doll, Sally, was made by Dawn in the forums paper bag swap. The bear I believe came in an advent swap by Hope and the Gold doll was made by Dianne in a Christmas in July swap.

This little collection of altered items (OTP's) is Haylee's monthly collection. Each month we alternate as to who has a display of their altered items. Its almost the end of October and I have not made anything for my November display. Better get a move on.


barb's creations said...

It must be so nice to have such yummy little displays like these around your house.Must make you smile each time you go pass them.What a great idea :) Barb.

miss~nance said...

Thanks Barb. What is really nice is that now Haylee is creating things that can be displayed as well as mine. That makes me smile even more.