Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rose of Sharon Quilters - Blogtoebrfest day 29

11 years ago these two beautiful ladies - whom I am very happy to call my friends - started up a quilting Bible study, called the Rose of Sharon Quilters.

This study has been such a blessing to my life as have these two wonderful, Godly, loving & wise women. Always ready to offer a listening ear, advice & prayers. I am just SO thankful that God had bought these two wonderful women int my life.

Esther & I have spent a lot of time over the last year scrapping (drinking coffee, lunching,shopping, laughing) together and that has been just wonderful.

Last year I took pics of a few of the ladies with the idea of making an album for B&E for Christmas but was unable to get pics of everyone, so it didn't get done. But here are the pics I did get.

Brenda - we invade Brenda's house every Wednesday night for 3 hours and do a lot of laughing. We also sew and do our Bible study.

Dianne - Dianne lives around the corner from me so we travel together each week. Its been lovely getting to know Dianne. She has recently started up her own quilting business and is very busy making quilt after quilt for charity.

Cathy is a lady I don't think I would have got to know if she didn't come to our group. She is a very caring and lovely lady who also scraps. Cathy is a vet & a mum of 3.

Judy is passionate about animals and is a WIRES carer. She works as a nurse in a retirement home. Judy and her DH often take off on long caravan holidays.

Beryl is the oldest member of our group and is mum & grandma and is often found making quilts for her family. Beryl has been making crazy quilts with Dianne for charity and last night we got to see her first finished quilt. It was very bright child's quilt and today is on its way to the women's refuge.

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