Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blogtoberfest day 27 - my herb & tomato patch

There has been much talk lately on my Scrap of Faith forum AND on the craft forum about growing out own vegetables. I am a real novice at gardening but have a herb and vegie patch of sorts.

I though I would share them with you today.

Firstly right outside my back door is an array of pot with herbs and lettuce growing. This big pot here was my original herb garden at this house and is doing real well.

Recently I started this baby lettuce pot, these are perpetual lettuce, so as I pick leaves (when they are bigger of course) it will keep growing more and more leaves.

A the back is my older lettuce bowl that I pick from quite regularly and in the trough at the front is basil & curly parsley. I use these two herbs the most so I decided to plant extra and keep them close to the back door. I also have a pot of mint and a pot that I have transplanted some Rosemary into but they ar ein ugly black pots and I didn't think you would want to see them.

Now to my actual vegie patch. When we fist moved into this house 5 years ago this was FULL of parsley and only parsley. Now I have a huge rhubarb plant, 5 different tomato plants and all sorts of herbs. Don't you love my rudimentary watering system. I also have cherry tomatoes in the black pot.

Here's a close up of my Grosse Lilly (I think) tomato plant.

My chives with a small marjoram plant right next to it, this marjoram plant died off after I planted it and I forgot about it, not sure where the chives popped up from but her they are living together.

Purple basil.

Rhubarb gone crazy.........................

Tomatoes in the back with small lettuce in front of them, basil between and thyme and coriander right at the front.

The wild rocket and oregano went in 2 years ago and I hacked them off during winter this year as they were straggly and woody and look what happened, they GREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that's my herb and vegie patch. I am hoping to try a few more plant but want to see how the tomatoes go this year - last year we ended up with the tiniest Roma tomatoes.


Tozz said...

I am loving your garden. I especially love the rhubarb...i am hoping i can get one to grow as good as that :) Lots of herbs all growing well :) I think you have a green thumb Gail :) hugs

Karen L said...

Thought you said you were not much of a gardener Gail - your garden looks pretty spectacular to me. Maybe it is about time we resurrected ours too. Need some rain first to get the ground soft enough to dig up.

Chrissy said...

It's all growing along so well love!! Michael's herb gardens are doing well and he'd love to grow some tomatoes too so I'm going to buy pots and seedlings for those as an extra little b'day gift this Saturday. :) Love looking at all your pics Gail!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Your garden looks great, Gail. The rhubarb plant is going great guns, ours is, too. My sage has curled up it's toes, so I need to plant more. Only plant I really dislike is coriander- I think it tastes like soap! My DH had never had roma tomatoes, but I bought a bag on special once, and I cut them in half, drizzled EV oil on them, sprinkled basil, cracked pepper and a little salt, and oven roasted them, and he loved them- he even likes them fresh now, but for some reason won't grow them, he has tried various types but still returns to his fav- grosse lisse, and oxheart. :-)

Karen's Korner said...

Your herb and veggie patch are doing well. I love rocket and looks like yours is certainly rocketing off along with everything else.

barb's creations said...

Love your garden Gail.I'm heading off to Bunnings this long weekend to start buying a few punnets though my garden is going to be a potted one as I don't have enough time for one as big and lovely as yours.Mostly salad greens and herbs and maybe a tomato and cucumber??? Still thinking :) Barb.