Sunday, July 01, 2007

Our Beautiful pets

This is Haylee's cat Feeny playing peekaboo on Erin's bed.

Ziggy is checking out Lucca who we are looking after for my friend while she and her girls are away. Lucca is a bit over the "puppy".

Tiffy is our oldest pet and here she is relaxing on the lounge. She is not at all impressed that we have bought all these other animals home .

Ziggy is having a good stretch out on is new polar fleece pillow that I made for him. He just love the fringing on the edges.


Happyjen said...

Looks like the pets love lying around sis.

Chrissy said...

Awww you're "babies" are VERY sweet!!! Loved all your terrific creations too!

Chrissy xx

Rowena said...

Wow these pets have the life! I wish I had nice quilts like that to lie on LOL :)

Karen L said...

Hey Gail - must be time for an update. Yeh I know, I can't talk, I need to update too.