Sunday, July 01, 2007

2 Cyber Crops

These tins were made for the girls at the Melly Cafe who generoulsy supply me with all my Illy coffee tins.

Last weekend I had a cyber crop at both Froggy Todd and Scrap of Faith. I managed to get 3 challenges complete and used one in bith CC's, You Know me Better than I know myself covered both the quote challenge at FTC and Laras challenge - using Create in the LO somehwere. Both of these pages will be in my book of faith. The L Monogram will have o,v & e added and will be either used as a wallhanging or as a title to a large canvas.


Happyjen said...

Great job sis, the tins look fantastic and that L is awesome, should look fabulous when u finish it with ove.

Rowena said...

love that you are doing LO's now too as well as OTP :)

Crazymumm said...

Nice to see you Bloging again,,, and that puppy has sure grown..xx and look at that cute kitten under the covers..xx