Wednesday, July 18, 2007

And then there were ten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We, the Combers, are a family of 4 , mum (Gail,me), dad (John)and 2 children (Haylee & Royce). But we have grown. We have always had a cat , well we have had 2 cats for over 2 years now (Tiffy & Feeny). BUT this year all that has changed. My niece Erin has been lving with us for about 2 months. We also have acquired our pup, Ziggy, who you mave met in previous posts. Royces girl friend Meagan spends more time here than at her house AND we sometimes looks after a friends dog, Lucca. Which then makes us 10.

Haylee decided this would make a great photo shoot. Yeah right do you know how much work it takes to settle 4 animals and 6 humans and get the camera to go off at the right time.

Well we did it and here it is, evil eyed Tiffy and all.


Rowena said...

Its a great pic!!
That puppy just has mischief in his eyes!!

Karen L said...

Definately a great photo Gail - and I take my hat off to you - getting 4 animals and 6 people all together to get this shot. Nice to see that you have updated.

miss~nance said...

We need to take another pic as we now have another dog staying with us for 3 1/2 weeks. His name is Hamish and eh is a huge lumbering golden retriever.

Ziggy just follows him around like a little groupie.

Katie said...

Hey that photo turned out well Gail - well done for managing to get so many people and animals into the one photo!

Katie :)

Becky said...

What a wonderful picture! Looks like a great group! :)