Thursday, June 01, 2006

Todays the day

Today is the day that our universes collide. Well that is for those in the craft forum's universe swap. I made the shown cushion cover for Monika (the same lady I made the cards for). It is called Blazing star.

I have opened her gift and she made me a beautiful wallhanging of a guardian angel sourrounded by stars and planets. She also sent me 4 mars bars, cant wait to eat those.


emba said...

this work is absolutly stupendous Nance.The colours really complement each other too. As I dont sew I feel that I have the expertise as an unbiased expert to critique your talent as INCREDIBLE. What an heirloom for someone.
Blessings marj

miss~nance said...

Thanks Marj, thats a really lovly thing to say.

I was very happy with the colours I thought they worked really well together. Monika really liked it and is already using it, so thats good.