Sunday, August 25, 2013

Preparing for Spring planting

On Thursday Royce & I spent some time in the garden preparing  a few things for our spring planting. 
The first thing we did was build a domed enclosure that will be covered in chicken wire to use either to keep chicken on a bed or off that bed.  We also plan to cover it in plastic if needed to make a greenhouse. The girls had to check it out while we were working.  The bottom left hand corner is the run we made last month, we added a wire roof to use for the last of our winter seedlings.
 Said enclosure in use on our most rested bed, two of our girls needed to check it out.  This bed has the last of the winter lettuce, kale, leaf beets and leeks.
Our girls hard at work. The cage is where we lock them up at night and they all fit inside Russell the converted dog kennel.

We also have sewed a variety of herbs and vegies in polystyrene boxes and have put them in the small greenhouse until it warms up a bit.  This way when we are ready for spring planting they are ready to go.


Nanna Chel said...

I can see you are ready to go with your spring planting, Gail. It looks great. After weeks of warm weather we have gone back to having frosts again and had had perhaps the worst frosts in all of winter last week. Next week is looking warm so perhaps spring really is on its way.

Chris H said...

Wow that domed enclosure is a big job! We are nowhere near ready for spring or planting anything!

Gina E. said...

Hi Gail,
I clicked on your blog link on one of your posts at Rhonda's DTE site. Love these photos with your chooks inspecting the soil! Our hens drive Ken mad the way they dig up the dirt (our back yard is all native, no vegies) because he has to rake it all up again, even though I tell him 'why bother?'
Gina (Georgie Girl on DTE)