Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Last day of July in the garden

Royce & I did a lot of work in the garden today.  We built a chicken run, tidied up the yard, dug through a couple of gardens to encourage the chickens, covered one bed, clean out the garden shed.
The horseshoe is one of the only places we are growing at the moment, apart from the herb bed..  We have leek, beets, rhubarb, lettuce, comfrey, lemon sorrel, broad beans, lemongrass and a few artichokes (out of season but we will see how they go) growing  in there.
Russell the converted dog kennel is now ready to be used to house some of the girls at night so they can permanently live in the vegies patch till early spring.  We have also made a small run to use in conjunction with Russel until they get use to him as their home for the night.

You can see how much work they have already done  in the bottom right photo. 
Herb garden is looking very happy.....

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