Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Quilt

As most of you, my blog readers know, I am a quilter and a Christian. Many years ago I subscribed to a weekly newsletter from Deer Lake Designs. One of those newsletter had this a link to a wonderful poem called The QUiLT at the time I shared it with my forum friends and had a mixed response to it. But the biggest response was from a few women who were going through difficult times. the found this poem to be helpful. I am not sure why I thought of it tonight, maybe one of YOU need encouragement. So I will leave you with the link and if you would like to pop over and read leave me a message.

Many hugs and blessings



Janice said...

Thanks for sharing. I had seen it before, but needed it especially this morning.


Gloria said...

Thanks Gail That is so touching, I have read it before but feel a new inspiration each time.