Saturday, October 09, 2010

Blogtoberfest day 9 - First Photoshop lesson

Tonight my 13 year old friend Bella gave me my very first lesson in Photoshop. I have had photoshop on my computer for 8 weeks now and all I could do was upload, crop and a little bit of organising. So when Bella saw my PSE programme and got all excited we decided tonight was photoshop night. So we had showers, got in our jammies, had a big bowl of raspberry ripple icecream with raspberry sauce and slivered almonds and then started playing in photoshop.

Bella did a few things to show me what to do including changing the background of the frog to B&W and enhancing the colour of the frog.
Bella also took a photo of me and cut out all the background and put me next to a tree in a field of lavender, but blogger couldn't upload it.

Next we found this cool pic of a some macaroons and I made the background B&W and left the two pink macaroons in the centre.

We then found these fun tools that gave special effects to the photo. This one is plastic wrapped.

This one is textured.

And this one has an extra glow added.

Next we had a play with blurring. Bella had not tried this b4 but she found a tool to do the blurring and practised on this photo of my KC on her wedding day with her family. We blurred everyone but KC.

I then had a play at blurring this photo of my two gorgeous children & I. I had so much fun playing with these great tools, so be warned you will be seeing more of my photoshop creations.


Robyn said...

I have photostudio and I love how I can correct photos that aren't quite up to standard or blur or cut out busy backgrounds that detract from the main subject. You'll love playing with this and keep finding new things that you can use :).

Mrs. Spotts said...

How fun to learn Photoshop! I have very little patience for it. I love that frog pic.

Thanks for stopping by my blog I will "see" you here and there soon!


Bev C said...

Hello Gail,

Well done to you and Bella, Love the frog and macaroons. Have fun with it.
happy days.