Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lawn mowers

We are now the proud owners of twin powered lawn mowers, 2 Dorper sheep. They have been named Simon & Garfunkel They will live in our three paddocks and they can just make there way between each of the paddocks as the need for juicy juicy green grass (TY Peter Coombe) takes them. We have put a water container (an old cistern picked up at the junkyard) with a bob flow to keep their water fresh. At this point they have taken refuge in our far paddock where there is no water - we have been told they will make their own way to where the water supply is.

We had to do a little work on the paddock before the sheep could move in including batter fencing along one side of the paddocks.

We also had to do quite a bit of trimming the pine trees as they were quite overgrown where the fencing needed to go. We now have a massive pile of bush waiting to me turned into mulch.
I have also spent a little bit of time pruning my plum tree and rose bushes - I know it's a bit late - I could never seem to find the motivation to do it. Well they are done now.


Shirlwin said...

Your 'lawn mowers' are superb! [Almost wrote cute, but that isn't exactly correct.]

Bev C said...

Hello Gail,

great choice of sheep,you won't have to shear them. Happy days.

Samelia's Mum said...

They're so cute ... even if not correct :-)

Karen's Korner said...

Love the new lawnmowers. I hope they are low maintenance for you.

Cass said...

Love the names! :)