Saturday, February 27, 2010

Te Anau

I forgot to add these two fab photos to my Milford Sound post.
This first one is from The Chasm, another awesome display of Gods beautiful creation.

A 2009 landslide left this very green lush area barren, a show of God's mighty power (some may call it mother nature).
After we left Milford sound we made out way back to
Te Anau for the night.

We all on the tour agree that the meal at Te Anau was probably the best on the tour. The buffet was just lovely, started with a very nice soup and then all sorts of yummies. I went back for a second serve of roast lamb (the chef complimented my hair colour, asked me who did it - I said hair colour by God).
We were rather blown away by the dessert bar definitely photo worthy. I tried 4 different desserts, apart from the brandy snap , I only had half serves.

After that awesome meal, Michele, Haylee & I decided to go for a long walk along the Lake and found this amazing glass chapel. Can you not imagine your self getting married here overlooking a lake through this glass wall.

The other side of the chapel.

You can just see Michele and Haylee on the other side of the chapel, through the glass doors.

Hows this for a neat advertising idea..............

Could not resist taking a photo of this sign, and yes there is a Chinese restaurant at the end of this street.

Our beds in our motel at Te Anau.

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