Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday 22 January day 10 - Milford Sound

8 am start today - off to Milford sound via Te Anau - which will be our evening stop, we needed to stop and buy lunch as we were eating on the road today.
We stopped at Monkey Creek on the way to Milford sound. Our bus driver Steven told us this is the purest cleanest water we would get from any creek or so in NZ. So we filled up several bottles. AS it is glacial fed it was very very cold water, I couldn't keep my hand under the water long enough to fill up a bottle.

An recent avalanche drop just b4 the Homer tunnel. Notice how close people are to it, that is so dangerous as avalanches can move at any time with out any warning.
Steven told us that last year he bought a coach through here and as he approached Homer tunnel he told them how dangerous and unsuspecting avalanches are and one fell right down in front of his bus. Those on board thought it was amazing. Steven was white knuckled and extremely frightened. They did not get how bad this could have been.

First views of Milford sound as we came through the tunnel. We were asked to be silent as Steven felt we were about to witness the most breathtaking views we may ever see. AS we came into the open he played Amazing Grace, this Hymn has been known to make me cry, coupled with this amazing view I had tears pouring down my cheeks.
All I can say is that we have an amazing God and his creation is simply stunning.

Our cruise boat the Milford Sovereign.

One of the many small waterfall, I think this one is Elizabeth.

Haylee & I on board.

This is a collage of us coming up to, going under and then leaving Sterling falls. These falls are awesome at 500 m, twice the height of the Empire State building & five time from ocean floor) Niagara falls is only 175m. It was quite an amazing experience to be up under a waterfall like this.
I was standing on the upper deck as we went under - I got a little wet but the guy standing next to me was totally drenched, he was absolutely dripping wet.

A few more shots form the cruise.

Airplane going over Milford sound.

Seals having a sun bake.

Bowen Falls not as tall as Sterling but still very beautiful - named after Lady Elizabeth Bowen the wife of the Govenor General at the time

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