Sunday, February 14, 2010

Crossing the Cook straight

After saying goodbye to our wonderful North Island driver, Rangi, we boarded our inter island ferry "kaitaki". This ferry was HUGE. We stayed on deck 7 (family area) with May (My Bui).
Crossing the straight was quite choppy - I felt like I was in a washing machine. the trip settled down once land came back into view.

The views were stunning and I bravely ventured outside to take pictures.

Haylee & I went upstairs to deck 10 - the sun deck, which was closed for most of the journey as it was too rough for travellers to be up there, to take some pictures when the port came into view.
This is Picton.
Disembarking seemed to take forever as there was only one way to disembark but we had to wait for those with cars to get off first, but we not asked to remain in our area, so everyone descended on the exit area and the poor folk who had cars had to force their way through. it was a bit of a shemozzle.
Anyway after disembarking we all followed the blue line (I wanted to skip and sing off to see the wizard but thought better of it) to our new coach and South Island driver Steven.
Picton was originally a Hunting & farming - fruit growing, vineyard, tobacco & tourism area. Many backpackers come through Picton.


Donna said...

Hi Gail, Enjoy your NZ blog - makes me a bit homesick - I went to boarding school and nursed in Wellington. I'm glad a great time even though the weather was not the best. Hugs, Donna in Brisbane.

Cass said...

Loving all the photos you are sharing. Will you be making a mini album (or two) to house them all?