Sunday, February 14, 2010

Christchurch Day 5

It was just after midday when we started our journey from Picton down to Christchurch.
I was quite amazed at the constant change in scenery - one of Stevens, our coach captain, frequent comments is that you can see 4 different sceneries in a day and we did.
From wineries

To landslides

And barren dry mountain ranges.
To oceans.
We travelled down the coast line with the Pacific ocean to our left, this went on for miles.
We stopped partway so we could take photos of the fur seals that were sun baking on the rocks just below the road.
We then continued on to Christchurch.

A very pretty very English city.
This is the bridge over the Avon River.

We also passed tthis incredible sculpture.
NZ - Christchurch in particular, sent rescuers over to NY to help with the post 911 clean up. These trusses were bought back I think as a gift to say TY. So have been made into a sculpture in one of Christchurch's 600 parks/reserves..
We stayed in the Holiday inn.

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