Monday, October 05, 2009


Today I have joined Blogtoberfest -0t he idea is to blog everyday. So I have started a few days late but thats ok. I believe its a joint idea of tinniegirl & curlypops .

So come back each day to have a look of what is going on in my life.

Today is day 2 of our long weekend scrap marathon. This is my creative area. I am making a wedding gift. I am hoping to have it finished today.

You may well wonder how any scrapping is getting done in this very crowded area. Well I can't answer that but I can tell you that we may have a few more scrappers on this table throughout today.

I believe there are giveaways also. Might have to go and check them out. Keep an eye on this space as I am deciding what giveaway I can add.


Karen's Korner said...

Looks like you have created a very industrious area for all the scrappers. Look forward to seeing some of the finished projects.

Donna said...

Looks like you are all busy with the scapping - I enjoy seeing what you make, Gail.