Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Blogtoberfest day 6 - long week end recap

We have had a long week end in NSW so I thought I would share my weekend with you.

It stated with me working Saturday Morning and the launch of th e NEW A&R children's top 50 - please see post below for pics. We were going to scrap all weekend but Haylee ha her bestie from QLD down so she spent the arvo with Amy.

Sunday morning I ventured of to Church for our combine service at 10.30 (I normally go to the evening service. WHAT a great sermon on "What Jesus says about families". He first talked about our relationship with God - then parents r'ship with each other and then our 'ships with our kids. I was greatly encouraged.

We had lunch and then Andrea and her tow girls, Bella and Camile, came to scrap for the arvo. They stayed for a Barby tea and Bella stayed the night. Bella decided to sew rather than scrap and she designed and started to make a bubble skirt (with a LOT of help from me). But as a typical tween she thought she knew more than me and wouldn't listen to my advise and end up throwing a huge tanty and packing it all away ( by this stage it was Monday) as it wasn't working out as she planned. I just smiled (actually I got pretty annoyed with her and told her if she wasn't prepared to listen to me I was no longer prepared to give her sewing lessons - and then spent the afternoon feeling rotten that I lost it with her & she is NOT my child). Despite that we had a very nice time.

My dear, dear, wonderful, fabulous, gorgeous (is that enough), Friend Esther came and joined us Monday to scrap.

I made good headway in the Wedding pressie I was working on (keep an eye as I will reveal it shortly). Hoping to finish it tomorrow.

Well I think that's it..................................

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