Monday, September 28, 2009

September Hexy Swap

This is the lovely Hexy Anne made for me in the Craft Forum's hexy swap. I now have 3 of these beautiful hexies and once I have all 12 will turn them into a table runner. My theme is pink & green.

This is the hexy I made for Anne. She wanted burgundy, dusty pink & cream. I thought for a long time about how I would make these colours into a pleasing hexy. I think this idea of doing a CQ came to me in one of my awake times during the night. I love how this has turned out so much that I am thinking this might become my signature hexy for the rest of the swap.
I am also going to make a few for myself with my many many scraps.


Lucky-1 said...

Lovely hexi photos. The hexi you made has given me an idea for next months. :D

clare's craftroom said...

How nice , I love your hexies !

Tozz said...

They both look great Gail :) Its such fun this Hexie swap and great to see who does what.

barb's creations said...

Both the hexies are lovely.If you're one of my partners in this swap I'd love one similar to the one you made for Anne :) Barb.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Would love to catch up one you have email?