Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bits & Pieces

Its been 2 weeks since I have posted. So what has stopped me getting in here. I really couldn't tell you. But life has been interesting as usual. So lets see what I have been doing. Well where do I start.

Every two weeks I have been giving sewing lessons to Bella my GF's 12 year old daughter. So I pick her and her little sister up from school and then we have a a few hours of sewing lessons. So far she has practised very hard to get good control n her sewing ans master the art of sewing a straight line. While doing that she has made a shaggy bag (by sewing strip of fabric onto a piece of homespun in rows then sewing it up) that looked fabulous. She has also made a "chenilled" cushion and a heart cuddly - none of which I have photos of. Last time she cut our a softie to sew this week. I have taught Camille blanket stitch so she had been working on a toy rabbit.

I have also got back into swapping with the craft forum so I ma usually trying to sew a last minute gifts to send off. Am in the cushion swap at the mo and have joined it twice to even up numbers. One cushions is on its way to the owner. Still have to finish the 2nd. The front is done just need to sew the back on to turn it into an actual cushion. Vicki has stated a monthly hexagon swap that I have joined, have always wanted to do these., also she has resurrected out monthly F8 swap, so I have 5 bundles of fabric to parcel up to send her.

i have recently finished the paper bag swap that Sam was running. So I will post up the finished items that Allison and I swapped in my next post later today.

One of my dear Scrap of Faith friends has left the country to return to her homeland, Holland, so this is a LO I have done for her to remember me. Ingeborg is such a lovely lady with a heart for God and his people. Even though she lived on the other side of Oz I will miss her. Thank fully we can still keep in touch via SOF.

Work continues to keep me busy - even though I am down to 14.5 hours one week and 20 hours the next. I really love my job but am finding that these days I just want to stay home and do what I want to do not what I am told too.
Another exciting piece of news is that I am a great Aunt again. Kayne Bramwell was born 5.20pm on Thursday 18 June.
Yesterday was also my sisters 50th birthday so today we are having a bbq to celebrate today. Friday night the girls from work took her to the Bridge tavern for tea and some dancing to the great retro disco after. I tagged along more to be duty driver I think. Come back to check out the gift Haylee & I have made for her.

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Melanie said...

Congratulations on the birth of your great nephew Kayne.

The layout you created for Ingeborg, it is beautiful Gail.