Sunday, May 24, 2009

Paper bag swap sneak peak

This is the last week for Sam's Paper bag swap. I have sent a bag of goodies to Allison and she sent me this bag of goodies. I have to turn them into something that Allison may like well love I hope.

I have put a few hours in this morning and am happy where I am at. I have to tell you that until this morning I did not know what the centre that I finished yesterday was going to be. it sat on my cutting table with borders around it and it was going to be one thing BUT all of a sudden it said NO I want to be a ..................................... So that's what it almost is. I am loving how it turned out and hope that Allison does too.

Here's a quick peak at what it looked like this morning. It has developed a little more since then.


MissyMack said...

Oh, a great sneak peek piccy Gail! :D Can't wait to see what it is!

Debs said...

Oh Gail whatever you are making it looks beautiful.

You have been busy while my computer has been away and you have some lovely work on your blog..

Robyn said...

Oooh I know Alison will love what you ahve done with her bits and pieces!!

Thanks for stopping by my place too and commenting on my storage boxes etc.
Robyn xx

Allison's Page said...

Looks lovely, I can't wait!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

That is beautiful, Nance!! I'm looking forward to seeing the whole thing, though!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what your made... I hate sneak peeks but understand that you must keep it a secret until the owner has it back xxx

rozhearts said...

Wow Gail you sure on a roll.Your sneak peek looks very intreging can't wait to see the final piece of work.I am looking forward to receiving my paper bag full of goodies.
Thanks for your comment on my blog.
(((HUGS))) Roz.