Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Morning Routine

While reading Lusi's blog one day I found a link to Biblical woman hood blog which has been very encouraging to me especially the entries on "from exhaustion to rejuvenation". Crystal was hosting a how to make your house a home but has now passed the mantle onto Tammy who has given some wonderful advise and that is to come up with a simple and achievable morning routine.

here is part of what she has said in her introductory entry "So, the "Making Your Home a Haven" challenge isn't all about cleaning, working, or to-do lists. It's about having a spirit-filled heart and loving our families enough that we strive to make ourselves and our homes a welcoming, joyful, and peaceful haven to them! "

I have decided to join this challenge as it can only help me to get into a habit of getting the things done I really want to. Here is my morning routine list:-

* Quiet time & breakfast
* Read emails and forums
* Tidy up Kitchen - rinse and put away any dishes on sink & sweep floor
* Wipe vanity & mirrors on alternative bathroom & toilets (again alternatively as we have 4)
* 10 minute general tidy up

Read all about this challenge at and her introduction here

My main reason for posting this on my blog is to now be accountable for putting this routine into practise.


Carolina said...

Love this idea Gail, i shoudl write a routine and put it somewhere to so i can actually stick to it and start some good habits!

Melanie said...

It sounds like a wonderful challenge Gail, I should make something like that for us too.

A good start to the day makes for a happy person. Let us know how it goes.

miss~nance said...

Day one routine was completed at 12.40pm due to getting up at 8am instead of 6.30 and I also had to scrub the kitchen floor & wash the rest while John was out of the house. I am hoping on future days to be finished by 10am.

The ten minute tidy up has barely made a dent but if I do it everyday I will get there eventually. Royces bathroom was the chosen bathroom and toilet. And kitchen looks great especially the sparkling clean floor. Even the stove looks clean for a change.

I am very happy now can do the things I would like to do such as plan/pack for SWS scrap day on Saturday and sew the borders on the caring heart quilt for fire victims. Might even do one of the SOF blog challenges.


miss~nance said...

Day 2 was completed by 9.45 - but son had bought over some friends for breaky so the kitchen was a wee bit later. Day 3 in progress.
Just have to do the cleaning and I am done.