Monday, February 02, 2009

She's Home

Haylee has been home for just over a week now and all I can say is am so glad she is home - I issed her so much. She had an awesome time in Kenya and I can see tha the trip has had a huge impact on her.Pop over to her blog o see her pics and story of the trip (follow the link in my sidebar).

So here she is just after she got off the bus. I was a bit shocked to see that she had her hair braided while she was over there.

Hugs with daddy & Royce.

Trying to get hugs from Ziggy.

Feeny doing what Feeny does best - jumped into her bag as soon as she emptied it.


Karen L said...

She looks great too Gayle - It is a nice feeling to have it all behind you though hey - I am sure that the trip for Haylee will have been life changing. She looks great and happy.

Rose-Anne said...

I will go check Haylee's blog. She looks so happy and I like her hair.
I also enjoyed looking at your sewing-I miss htis craft as i don't have time. One day when i retire.

MissyMack said...

I bet you are thrilled to have her back home! What a great experience for her!
When I went to Indonesia for two months missionary work, I came back with my hair braided too! Mum loved it! :P