Monday, October 20, 2008

Lots to share

What a busy time I have had since my last update. The most exciting of course has to be the birth of my great niece & nephew. Are they not just the most adorable twins you have ever seen. Isabella is the oldest born at 8.45 followed by Jackson at 8.48 last Friday. Mum & bubs are doing well and are hoping to be home by this Friday.

Congratulation Simone, Greg and big sister Jhorhie and big broterh Dominic.

Saturday 4 October was World card making day. To celebrate we hosted a card making day.

We had 20 people popping in through the course of the day.

These cards are the cards I actually completed during the day.

The following 2 pics are cards I started but finished on Sunday and Monday.

We all shared out stamps so I just sat for some time and stamps a heap of images onto plain card to turn into cards at a later date.

Most of this lot were made using Mones SU wheels. Add a bit of ribbon and a flower and there you have a card. Simple but effective.

Each fortnight on a Thursday Haylee & I scrap with Esther and Jess. Last Thursday we all made the same item. A little lunch pail like case.
Jess & I chose the same paper (separately).
We were all extremely happy how are tins turned out.

I am absolutely thrilled with mine. I have made several of these as gifts but this is the first one I have made for ME. It is such a me tin. I Loooove Pink & orange.

Finally I have been in many blogs over the last few months that have given away a RAK. I have been so blessed by God in all that he has given me that I have decided I want to share some of that blessing with you my readers.

Soooooooooooo I am giving away randomly to one person who leaves a message on THIS post one of my altered coffee tins ( full of ribbons, lace, buttons, thread and your choice of fabric fatQ or a scrap booking mini album to complete your self. I will randomly choose a winner Sunday 26 October (in time to celebrate my 23rd Wedding anniversary with you).


sandy said...

Gail, I love those little "pails" that you and your friends made. Also the bag made from the caring hearts is beautiful! You have been a very busy "crafty" lady. Now you have 2 little bundles of joy to visit- where are you getting all your time from? Please let me know- I need at least another 4 hours in each day!! sandy.

princess pudge said...

oh that little lunch pail is just divine, you're so talented! i can't wait for more pics of those teeny tiny angels *cluck cluck*

clare said...

Love the tin but I think the babies are BEAUTIFUL ! Congratulations Gail , Clare's Craftroom

Beverley said...

Two teeny tiny bundles ... so sweet. Love your creative efforts, specially your little lunch pail ... orange and pink work so well! It's nice that you made it 'for you' and not to give away this time.

VoniMum said...

Gail, what a wonderful girl you are to share your 23rd anniversary by giving away a RAK! The tins are beautiful, as is everything else you make. I've never really thought of orange and pink together but they are fabulous.

Cass said...

They are absolutely gorgeous bubs!

Love the lunch pail. Very cute, and very you! :)

Karen L said...

Gail, I can see that you are super proud of the latest additions to your extended family. The twins look so cute - I am sure that you are going to have a ball babysitting them over the next few years. Your tins are gorgeous - so me too - I love those bright colours also. Looking forward to meeting you IRL in a couple of weeks time.

unicorns80 said...

Hi Gail
This is my 1st visit top your blog and I must say "You are one creative lady!!" I love the little lunch pail (aren't those kaiser PP just divine!) and your quilting is gorgeous too (lurve the bag)
Congrats on the twinnys too (I have a boy and girl twins aswell) you look like one very proud great aunty!!
all the best - Leonie

ajrunge said...

Hi Gayle,
I pop in occassionally to check what you are up to! LOVE the lunch pails, don't you just LOVE Kaiser!?! Hope a great week.
God Bless

Sar said...

Congrats on the new babies! Is this Mone from the SM Forum? Love the pails, they're just gorgeous. Thanks for coming and visiting me. Cheers, Sar

miss~nance said...

Yes Sar it is Mone fromt eh SM forum. Sh'es my niece but you probably worked that out......

Clair Acres said...

Those twins are gorgeous, bet you can't stop hugging them!
Love that lunch pail too, very clever!

Miss cath said...

Happy wedding anniversary to you and John

miss~nance said...

Have just drawn the winner. Check out my next post.

Happyjen said...

Love the cards sis and that pail is awesome.

MissyMack said...

Oh Gail, the babies are just gorgeous!! Congratulations to all involved!