Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quick catch up

So whats been happening since last update. I really can't tell you but I know I have been busy.
I have been spring cleaning - have some piccies to put up soon.

This week we had Nick from Canada stay with us for two nights. It was great to catch up with him. We met him a few years ago when he was an exchanged student at Nowra High School. He was in also Joseph with me and I took him to most rehearsals so we got to know him quite well.
He has been travelling around Oz since January and goes home next January. He is about to head over to SA to pick fruit for 2 months. What a life.

Here is the promised pic of the cornucopia I received in the swap. Made by Barb. its just gorgeous this pic does not do it justice. It was filled with all sorts of lovely things.

Thanks Barb I love it - especially love how you captured all those lovely butterflies and buttons ect under the embroidered organza.

The following 2 pics are of a bag I made from one set of caring hearts that the lovely forum girls insisted I kept for myself after I had my knee operation. it took them sometime to convince me to take them (I am the keeper of the hearts) and in the mean time my brother was very sick so they insisted on a second set, which I am going to make a table runner out of (after I spring clean the next room).

I think the bag is very very pretty and is extremley special as I know the hearts are made with love.

For those of you scratching your head wondering what caring hearts are I will explain. The ladies from the forum make a set of 6 1/2" heart blocks in any form of sewing eg patchwork, embroidery or applique. these are then given to member who are going through tough times like illness or happy times like a brith of a baby or grandchild.

Its our way of giving a group hug.


Carolina said...

Gail that bag is just beautiful! WOW!! I've been thinking lately i wonder if i could ever quilt... but i dont think i'm enough of a perfectionist LOL! Love you work girl!

Sar said...

The healing hearts are gorgeous Gail, my mum received the most beautiful hearts from all the Scquilters a few years ago when my Nan passed away, they really do help don't they?! Cheers, Sar

Karen L said...

What a gorgeous idea Gail, and what a beautiful bag you have made from them. I can well imagine how very special this bag is. Nice to catch up with your Canadian friend again also.

MissyMack said...

That bag is so beautiful Gail! It looks just gorgeous- well done!

Happyjen said...

Wow sis, U did a fabulous job, I love the bag.