Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Look Blog

Well what do you think. Is this a bright enough page. I love it. If you want to update you blog go the link above, choose and follow the instructions. ONE WARNING you will lose all your info and links so wrtie all your link addies down or it will take you hours as it took me to find and upload them all.

BUT I defianately think it was worth it.

The pics today are of my first 8 projects in the January Stash challnege. For the month of January (and beyond if it takes longer) Haylee and I and quite a few other ladies over at Scrap of Faith are doing 25 projects by only using our stash. YES that mean sno buying anything new. For each project we put aside $2.50 so at the end we will have over $50 to buy new stash.

I am hoping to get a few birthday pressies and cards made during this time. As you can see I have made a great start on the cards. I have now made all the cards needed for my January birthdays and a few extra childrens ones.

Other news from this end is that my work was broken into on Thursday night. Our computers - which are also our POS - were stolen along with our safe and a CD player. We havent been able to trade and are hoping to re-open on Monday.

The first pic is of an altered letter holder that I think John may have made at school. Its a bit hard to read but the front says "from the rising of the sun, to the place where it sets, the aame of the LORD is to be praised" Psalm 113:3

This card was made for my niece Erin's 21st. The following album was also made for erin.

I love how this tissue box turned out, it was quite simple to do and I am hoping to pick up a few more to do after I finish the stash challnege.

This is my collection of cards. Including a gorgeous Kimono for my bestie and a neutral one for my brothers 50th.


Rowena said...

Wow - that was a big change. I was fearful for all you girls after reading the thread where everyone changed their blog templates and lost everything. Glad you got it all sorted again. looks great :)

patchwitch said...

When I first clicked on your blog, I was a bit frightened...I thought I was on another page, but then Your pic downloaded and I calmed down I was on a good one :D
It is a big challenge for you in January, sounds interesting to me :D
Have a nice time when searching in your stash! I am waiting for more beautiful projects! Happy and scrappy and stitchy New Year!

Karen L said...

Wow what a change and it looks awesome Gail - I lost all mine but the wonderful Gayle found it all and restored mine for me this evening, so have decided to leave well enough alone and stick with my old one. Love how your new one has turned out though.

Happyjen said...

WOW ... sis u r so talented, i really love these.