Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Camera

Hi all - I know its been a long time between updates. I have been incredibly busy. Lots of things have happened since my last post. The biggest I Guess was Christmas.

We had a lovely day - even though 2 members of my family ended up in hospital.
I was extremely spoilt as usual. Lots of choccies nad abth stuff, gorgeous jewellery AND a new camera - an Olympus 790 SW, shock proof and waterproof. So my camera is safe from a herd of wild elephants. I love the added hlep it gives me getting faces right - it has one of those little sqaare thingies that move with the faces.

This morning I have been playing around withthe new software and have finally worked out how to edit pics, a little bit more complicated than Kodak.
These pics are of the roses that I picked yesterday from my graden. I picked enough to fill 4 vases. One pic is taken of them all together on my fireplace, the other pic is the vase showing my large pink roses, these are just beautiful and smell divine. They are now spread inthe different living areas of my home.


Rowena said...

But what SORT of camera!! LOL
glad you had a lovely CHristmas with your family ;)

Diane said...

Beeeeautiful roses - your garden must be a haen.
Have fun with your camera.

Diane said...

That's supposed to say 'haven' :)

Gail said...

Love your new look site. happy new year. Cheers Gail

Karen L said...

I love roses Gail - your garden must be wonderful and very fragrant. I personally love the Mr. Lincoln red roses. Like the sound of your camera - hope your life settles down a little bit this year too Gail.

Carolina said...

That's heaps of roses Gail!! must smell devine all around your place :)

Anonymous said...

YOur blog looks awesome I'm having such issues with mine.... Sorry to hear about the work breakin... Not nice!!!

Happy to see your work again and that the rush of christmas is over :) enjoy your new camera xx I would love the smell of your roses they look divine xxx