Wednesday, January 20, 2016

my UFO list

As promised.........

All of these are at least 3 years old some much much older

3 Quilt tops –     Sparkling Gemstone single bed
                                Mayflower queen
                                Christmas Tablecloth – medallion swap
Funky Cobblestone Quilt cut out with a cutting error so got put to one side
Scrappy string quilt - many more blocsk to be made
Hexie flowers apron - still need more hexies to make this half apron just like the one my mum inherited from her mum when i was little.
Val Laird’s Consider the lilies Wall hanging – 2 of 4 large blocks complete
Cut out but not started - Fresh Cotton Table topper & Autumn table topper
Fibre bookmarks to be backed, cut and bound
4 Table runners in various states of completeness: –
                                Sultry QAYG 
                                Authentic pin wheel
                               Caring hearts

Many other old items went in the bin or off to St Vinnies or Sallies Boutique

The following items were started last year

6 Hand towel toppers – some only cut out & a few sewn waiting to be added to towel
Christmas coasters 4 sets in various stages of completeness
Christmas Zig Zag table runner
My friend & Me Purse stitchery complete, hexies made & almost sewn together
Everyday Pin Cushion – stitchery started & hexies made
Rosalie Quinlan's Friendship stitchery, just needs borders and attaching to canvas.
Dianna Back pack – hexie panels complete, bag cut waiting to be sewn up
Retro Daisy Bag – flowers cut out.

I have another 8 items from retreats that I have barely started so I won’t list them but if I manage to get through this HUGE list I might change my mind.

On top of all this I have a QB Babushka quilt and a SB or lap “Very Hungry Ccaterpillar” quilt waiting to be started for my daughter and a picnic rug for me, have all the fabric just need time to cut and sew…..…


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

WOW that two years went fast...

It's been two years since my last post, such a slack blogger.  Life just got to busy to fit blogging in as well.

BUT I have joined the revamped "Sew It's Finished" UFO challenge, which mean a return to blogland.  I may only post my finished projects or I might get right back into blogging.  We'll see how it goes....

I'm off to write up my UFO list, after I find them all...... stay tuned

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

First day of Gardening for 2014

Tuesday was our first chance to get in the garden.  It's looking very happy despite some very hot days.

We weeded, harvested, planted & made new beds......

A snapshot of our main garden plot....

Painted mountain heirloom corn
One of our small mixed guilds. Planted a few weeks ago.
Kim watering in the new laid beds.
Tomato,eggplant and capsicum bed.  there is also 2 brocoli's in there....
 Two tone corn....
 Snake beans.  These are surprising nice, i thought they would be tough but I ate one fresh and it was crisp andv ery green tasting but not as beany as some.  it also cooked up really well....
 Rattlesnake beans.
Royce preparing a new bed.

 New tomato bean & herb bed by the pool.

 Rhubarb flower.

 A few more of mixed  guild beds.

 Newly planted bed with zucchini, rhubarb, beans & herbs.
 Our harvest, very happy....
The onion bed was so over run with grasses that we pulled the lot up and plan to move the chooks here to work the soil for us.
 Carrots were int eh bed next to the onions and as we were moving the chooks down we have to harvest these too or the chooks will get to them.

 Our potato bushes started dying so I have been harvesting a potatoes as i need them for dinner.
 A few of our heirloom tomatoes.  AS these were bought as a mixed pack we are not sure which these are.  We are thinking perhaps Pink blush and valentine.
 The leeks had to be harvested as one started to bolt and we have learned from experience that once one bolts they will all bolt.
 As Royce lives in the granny flat across the driveway I made up a basket of veg for him & Kim.  He made a pot of leek & potato soup.....

Thank you for visiting my blog, please leave me a message so I know you have been here.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

September to end of year in Photos

Things got very busy in the later half of the year and blogging got left behind, here is what the rest of the year looked like.

September.  A little bit of harvesting but mostly getting gardens together.  A nice surprise visit form nephew from WA and a fathers day celebration.

October is where things got tricky - School reunion, son had major operation that went a little awry but we still managed to get some gardening and harvesting in.....

November passed in a blur as son was still recuporating not much gardening got done.  We did however harvest some baby kipfler spuds and made the most amazing warm potato salad with them, yummm. Both Haylee & Royce had weddings to attend.

 December was all about getting ready for Christmas.  John finally had his grandfathers old car on the road after many years of restoring and I made cheese for the very first time.....

I hope you all have a safe and blessed 2014.....

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Preparing for Spring planting

On Thursday Royce & I spent some time in the garden preparing  a few things for our spring planting. 
The first thing we did was build a domed enclosure that will be covered in chicken wire to use either to keep chicken on a bed or off that bed.  We also plan to cover it in plastic if needed to make a greenhouse. The girls had to check it out while we were working.  The bottom left hand corner is the run we made last month, we added a wire roof to use for the last of our winter seedlings.
 Said enclosure in use on our most rested bed, two of our girls needed to check it out.  This bed has the last of the winter lettuce, kale, leaf beets and leeks.
Our girls hard at work. The cage is where we lock them up at night and they all fit inside Russell the converted dog kennel.

We also have sewed a variety of herbs and vegies in polystyrene boxes and have put them in the small greenhouse until it warms up a bit.  This way when we are ready for spring planting they are ready to go.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Last day of July in the garden

Royce & I did a lot of work in the garden today.  We built a chicken run, tidied up the yard, dug through a couple of gardens to encourage the chickens, covered one bed, clean out the garden shed.
The horseshoe is one of the only places we are growing at the moment, apart from the herb bed..  We have leek, beets, rhubarb, lettuce, comfrey, lemon sorrel, broad beans, lemongrass and a few artichokes (out of season but we will see how they go) growing  in there.
Russell the converted dog kennel is now ready to be used to house some of the girls at night so they can permanently live in the vegies patch till early spring.  We have also made a small run to use in conjunction with Russel until they get use to him as their home for the night.

You can see how much work they have already done  in the bottom right photo. 
Herb garden is looking very happy.....

Monday, July 29, 2013

July in the garden.

Not much is happening in the main vegie plot so we have moved the animals in to help us clear it and work the soil for us.

Garfunkel & U2 (Joy) above and below with Buddy the goat and a few of our older girls
We have 10 new chickens to help in this huge task.

One of the joys of waking up early to let the girls out of their shed is that I get to enjoy beautiful sunrises such as the first and last photo.