Monday, March 18, 2013

A very belated photo review of February

I managed to be up early enough to catch this gorgeous sunrise.

As part of my photo a day theme - toy - John got out his figures and cars from when he was a littley and had a great deal of fun setting them up for me to take photos of.

A quick look around what happened in our garden in February.  We picked our first corn and a very nice variety of vegetable including lots of kohrabi (big purple vegie).  I made the most delicious rice salad only using vegies from our garden.  we inherited an old goat called buddy last year, we kept him in with the chickens until February when we moved him in with Garfunkel and U2 (or Joy as Royce & I call her) our sheep. its so funny to watch the three of them fight for the best of the garden scraps we give to buddy....

I didn't get as many UFO's finished in Feb as I hoped, but managed to get more bookmarks finished for work and another hand towel.  Have enjoyed reading the Chronological Bible in a year and meeting up for a cuppa on Thursday mornings with the other three ladies who are reading the same bible.

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