Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blogtoberfest day 16 - SWitch women's conference

Today was the inaugural Switch Conference at Waterslea. It's first women's conference for the Shoalhaven and it was a wonderful day of great Biblical teaching. The theme was faith in a fallen world and Jackie Stoneman walked us through Romans 12 in the first session finishing with we need to pray, cling to God and to support each other as we live for God in a world that does not want to know God.
The 2nd session (after morning tea) was quite confronting as we looked at the media's impact on our girls, scary is the word I would use and I have a bit more understanding of how fast our little girls are made to grow up and how sexually orientated media are including our music stars. we need to protect our girls and let them be little girls, not make them grow up faster than they should. We were shocked to hear that they made padded bras for 6 years old and push up bras for ten year olds.
We then had a noodle box lunch overlooking the beautiful Shoalhaven river. After lunch we had 2 electives - I chose Friendship evangelism and aging gracefully. I found both most helpful and now have some very simple exercise to do at any time of the day such as every time I get up from a chair I am to do it 5 times with out use of my arms and even try to do it one legged. This will strengthen my thighs so that in the event of a fall I will have the strength to stop myself from falling all the way to the ground. I was also encouraged to use the "ambulance prayer" (whenever you hear an ambulance you pray for the victim, the ambulance, and any medical staff involved) in all situations ie as i am going shopping for God to give me the words and for his love to shine through me to all I encounter.
What was exciting about this conference is that the women who organised it expected 100 women to be interested, they prayed that 200 would come but God bought 375 women to hear his word. some even came form as far as Canberra & Wollongong.
The other thing that was exciting about this conference for me was that it was the first conference Haylee & I have BOTH attended (even if we did go in separate cars).
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Bev C said...

Hello Gail

Sounds like a wonderful inspiring day. It really is sad with the girls, I sometimes wonder why the Mother buys the clothes the daughter is wearing.
Happy days.

Linda said...

It sounds like it was a great day it's shame it was on my birthday. I'll have to try and go next year if they have one.

Linda said...

I thought I was already a follower..seems I wasn't, but I am now :) As if that wasn't confusing enough, I saw a previous post by Linda...but it wasn't me. Well, I hope it wasn't and I really am going nutty!!

Karen's Korner said...

Your conference sounds like it was a great success. It is nice to spend time with likeminded peope and be inspired.

Robyn said...

Sonds like you had an informative and inspiring time.

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

the turnout is fantastic! as that message has now been seeded into that many more women & H SP can inspire responses when and where - excellent!
i pray for police to accomplish their mission when i hear their car sirens, that justice will be done & upheld & for their protection.
thx for sharing this great day with us...