Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Spring has sprung

Spring arrived with blue sky but not much sun, however it was a very pleasant day, and we didn't need to light the fire. We are very ready for spring - especially in our vegie garden .

Our 6 beds are waiting for the vegies to be planted, they have their blankets of hay keeping them warm and moist.

We went to a garden lovers fair and have bought a few of our plants, just waiting for planting.

We have birds visiting our yard and the lambs next door are springing all over the place. They are running out of grass on their property so they have been grazing on the bridle track which is just outside my sewing room window. I didn't think of taking any photos though. Will next time they are out.

Our tea for the first day of spring was a Nigella recipe - Chicken & saffron pilaf. It was yummy.

i came home from quilters with a bunch of lavender - another reminder of spring - a floral smell in the air.

Ist of September was the opening day for the craft forum's apron swap. I swapped with Donna and this gorgeous purple striped apron with the pink striped frill is what she made me. I LOVE it. Its so me and it's a quilting apron.

This is the front of the apron I made for Donna, I was so pleased with how this has turned out that I have one cut out waiting for me to make up for myself.

The apron I made for Donna is reversible - so here is the back.

Here is the lovely spotty hexy flower made for me by Judy.

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Meerkat said...

Hi ! Not quite Spring up here in Terrigal either, but we have hope! Could at least have a cuppa with a friend outside at the Surf Lifesaving Club yesterday !