Sunday, July 04, 2010

Favourite Blog week.

This week I thought I would share some of my favourite blogs or websites - now I have so many so please don't be upset if your blog doesn't make it here. These are blogs really inspire me to try something new, or just show some some very pretty items, others challenge me to think outside of myself.

Today I am going to share two blogs I visit very regularly:-

I have been visiting the Riggs Family blog Where Laughter lives for some time now and have been totally encouraged by the love and faith of this couple, Brent & Michelle. They have several children of their own and have adopted 3 children from Africa. One of those children, Abbey, has cancer so I have been following her story on the family blog.

Right now they have been nominated for a family home makeover - I would love to see this family who have been through so much and have given so much of their lives for others get this.


As most of you would know I am an OTP (off the page) artist and one of the products I could simply not live without is Mod podge - I use it on ALL my OTP projects so I was very excited when I found a blog dedicated to all things ModPodge - called Mod Podge Rocks. It seems that Amy scour blogland to find great projects using Mod Podge. Whilst I haven't made a project featured yet - there are so many I would love to try.

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