Sunday, May 02, 2010

Woodland blooms table topper and runner

This is my latest in quilts that I have made using the disappearing nine patch block using Moda's Woodland blooms. I purchased a 5 Yard pack - which was 1 yard of 5 fabrics in the story and I also bought another 5 yards to use with it.
Yes you have seen this fabric b4 - its the one i used on my frilly dilly bag.

This is a progress shot showing the 3 steps in making a disappearing 9 patch blocks. My quilt used 9 of these blocks - I made 11 so I had 2 spare sooooooooooooooooo

I made a table runner with the spare two. I simply used a full block in the centre with a half block at each end.
These was the first time I used a long arm machine and quilting frame so I started on the table runner and eventually with a bit of encouragement from my teacher, Dianne I moved onto my quilt.
This is a pic of my runner b4 the binding.

With biding on and on the table in use. Also a pic of the back to see the quilting a bit better.

here's the quilt, which I have decided to sue as a table topper for our very large dining table, b4 binding.

And after binding on the table.


Katie said...

The quilt looks stunning Gail! Love the combo of the pink and green together!

Debs said...

Wow Gail they look great. Love the choice of colours.

Karen's Korner said...

Love the fabric that you have chosen.

Lucky-1 said...

Oh how pretty is the fabric colours....:)

Jenny said...

This is so lovely!!, I love woodland blooms but haven't been able to find there here in Perth except in flannel (although I have to say I bought a heap anyway :-)!)

Jude said...

I love the fabrics and the quilt looks great. I also have a 5yd bundle and now I know how I will use it, so thankyou for the idea.

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

Stunning & such a beautiful quilt Gail... now I must ask what is a disappearing 9 patch block?? (I will have to hunt that down to see. I've never heard of it before!):):):) xxx

cheers Lucy/Crazymumm x :)