Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday Family BBQ

My family - the Lucas family try to get together at least twice a year - Christmas & Easter.I am from a family of 6 kids and most of us have at least 2 kids (3 of those have at least 2 kids of their own) so when we get together its a bit of a crowd - a very interesting,varied, little crazy but fun crowd. This Easter we were joined by Auntie Joan and cousin Lorinda from Canberra. In fact had they not got in touch with us last week end we would possible still be working out what to do for Easter. Our youngest sister Jeneen couldn't join us this weekend but we tried our best to enjoy ourselves without her.

This first photo is of us 5 with Auntie Joan and Lorinda.

5 of the 6 Lucas kids - Tony, Davina Gail (me), Stuart and Phillip (kneeling).

My family - John, me, Haylee & Royce.

All the cousins - Kyle, Charlee, Royce, Haylee, Erin, Kayne, Trevor, Kaycee, Shawn & Simone

Sitting in front - Cooper, Isabella, Makayla, Tasha, Jackson, Jhorjie, Harmony & Dominic.

Crazy cousins. Check out KC doing her Zombie impersonation.

Lorinda commented after this photo she had never seen anyone do a much up photo but she realised very quickly that we must do it quite regularly.

Tony's family -
Tony, Kyle, Tasha & Cathy.

Tash falling with STYLE.

Stuart's family -
Allison, Simone, Shawn, Kaycee & Stuart.

Kate, Shawn, Kayne, Harmony & Makayla

Greg with Dominic & Isabella, Simone with Jackson & Jhorjie.

Cooper, Charlee & Kaycee

Stephen, Davina & Erin having a laugh.

Haylee, Royce & Erin.

Brendan (Erins BF) - came a bit late for the photo shoot but that didn't stop me taking a pic of him.

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Karen's Korner said...

Looks like a great family day together.