Thursday, February 11, 2010

We arrived at our motel extremely tired but very excited as we were about to meet up with our very dear SOF friend Bev.
This is my bed, isn't it gorgeous, we had a really lovely room here, they even had a pillow menu so I ordered a lavender pillow to help me sleep better. They had those see through walls to the bathroom, but as we were in a twin room they had a blind up, the couples on our tour didn't get the screen, apparently seeing your DH on the loo isn't as romantic as the motel thought it would be.

Well just as I arrived in our room Bev rang to say she had arrived, so I popped downstairs to bring her up to our room.
You had to use your room key to get the lift to work and do you think I could get it to go , noooooo, We got there eventually. We had about an hour of chatting and catching up with Bev b4 we all went down to dinner, Bev was going to join us tonight.

It was just so good to catch up with Bev. We met her IRL November 2008 but I have known her through Scrap Of Faith for several years as a forum buddy.

We were joined at dinner by Olive and her daughter, Sue & Maryanne. We had a very enjoyable meal, I even tried creme caramel, which I have never eaten as I just don't like custard, but this was very caramelly and not too custardly.

After dinner Bev drove us around town to see some views, but as Wellington had put on very bad weather there just was not much to photograph. I did however manage to grab a reasonable photo of these Christmas trees that lined the waters edge. We drove up Mount Victoria where we had great nighttime light views but again they did not photograph real well. I bought a postcard of the night lights as I have always loved night lights and was quite disappointed not to get a good photo of them.

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Debs said...

Gail sounds like you had a fantastic holiday.