Friday, February 19, 2010

Tuesday 19 January - day 7 The Glaciers

We left our motel at 7.45am & I could barely contain my excitement, today we wee heading to the glaciers and as long as the perfect sunny day didn't change we would get to do our heli flight over and glacier landing.

But first we had an hour or so of driving.

We called into a little town called Whataroa for a comfort stop and right next to the toilets was this great old fashioned playgound, complete with a roundabout. Here's Graham, Jacky, Haylee & Irene trying it out for size and yes it fit perfectly.

Jackie and Haylee just had to try the swings.

And then off to Franz Jospeh.

Here we boarded our helicopter for our glacier flight and landing.

Haylee ready to leave. I didn't know until much later that she was scared stiff on the flight.

I had a front seat and it had glass at the front so you could see straight down I asked if she had glass and that when she told me she was frightened enough without seeing straight down.

I am not sure I can tell you in words how awesome this experience was, there are just not words to describe being on a glacier.

Heres our first glimpse of Franz Joseph.

How craggy does this look.

and over to Fox glacier

Haylee & I on Fox glacier

Irene, Haylee, Albert, myself and Harret.

Jeremy our pilot.
Again this was such an awesome experience one that I don't think I could ever better.

The view form inside the helicopter through the window in front of my feet.

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Melanie said...

Such beautiful photos Gail, I love flying in helicopters.