Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mount Cook

On route to Mount Cook we passed the Twizel River, which is a good fly fishing spot. Not sure if I have mentioned anywhere in my posts but there is NO commercial fishing allowed in NZ rivers, which gives the fish and the recreational fisherman a chance.

The airport had to be made to meld into the scenery so they made the buildings almost the same colour as the volcanic made mountains (this is what gives it that grey/blue look.

As we go higher up there are less and less trees.

One of the many snow covered mountain on route to Mt Cook.

When we turned a corner and could see Mt Cook for the first time our coach captain Steven showed us that her head was in a light but broken cloud covering and he felt that would disappear for us to see her in her full glory.


Haylee & I on the scout camp trail, a 40 minute walk form our drop off point. We chose to walk up the trail about 15 minutes and back again.

Between Haylee & I we have over 50 photos of mount Cook it was hard to decide which were the best, so I simply chose 6 different pics and hope I have done it justice. I felt that a collage would be too small to see how majestically beautiful this Mountain is.

Mount Cook is the tallest Mountain in NZ. Was conquered by Sir Edmond Hillary. But on Christmas day 1893 three local lads, after hearing that an English expedition was on its way to conquer her, got in first and conquered her, two weeks prior to the English expedition.

With a few clouds floating by her.

Few more clouds.

Love this distance shot with the bush in the foreground.

Here she is in all her splendor and glory.

Can you see the face just below and to the left of her peak ( I couldn't until I saw my photos).

Mountain range to the left of Mount Cook, had some fabulous snow/avalanche formations, that just kept catching Haylee & my eye. I took half as many photos of this area as I did Mt Cook. It just had such character that I felt Mt Cook , although it was very beautiful to see and really quite majestic, lacked.


Melanie said...

All of your travel photos and memories are wonderful, Mother Nature sure is a beautiful thing.

Michell said...

Love your pics especially of Mt Cook. Only have ever been to Christchurch 10 yrs ago and Blenhim for a school sports trip 20yrs so haven't really seen the Sth Island yet. Hubby wants to do a trip down there.