Monday, February 15, 2010

Greymouth & Hokitika MOnday 18 January day 6

Once we boarded the bus at Arthur's pass we made our way to Greymouth for lunch and then off to Hokitika our nights destination.

At Greymouth was visited the Jade Factory and did the Jade trail.

One of the beautiful glacial rivers we passed on our way to Greymouth. we had to pass over 13 Rivers/Bridges on this trip.

New Zealand - in particular the South Island - have some very interesting road features, some beautiful some not so.

Like this Rail/road bridge. The train has right of way so cars have to proceed with caution, Trains travel very slowly over this bridge.

Too this fascinating bridge. Not sure why this one took my fancy but it did, have taken several photos of it.

And this roundabout with a rail track through it. Vehicles have to give way at both sides of the roundabout (again trains have right of way).

How cool is this rock formation sticking out of the ocean. Looks like a sea monster. This was on the way from Greymouth to Punakaiki, where we saw the pancake rocks.

While we where there several of us tried the apricot ice cream that Steven (coach captain) reccommneded to us - twice the size of what we were use to and much much cheaper. It was very creamy and lots of yummy flavour.

The pancake rocks are really quite amazing on first look they look like they are a slate like rock formation with the varying layers. BUT in fact they have been formed by years and years of wind & water erosion. The 2nd photo is a surge pool/blow hole but as there was no wind there was no action for us to see today.

Haylee got a bit tired, just as well there was a seat for her to sit on.

We arrive at Hokitika around 4.30

Visited the Jade shop where I bought a birthday gift and a three Jade balls for myself. And then headed to our motel - The Beachfront and yes it was right opposite the beach.

A twilight walk along the beach after dinner with the Kirkpatrick family.

A glass of bubbly to end the day. You cant see it here but our room faces directly out to the beach. Very very nice.


Marydon Ford said...

G'eve, N ~ What a lovely trip ... TY for taking me along, I so enjoyed the scenery & your company.

Have a great eve.
Hugs, Marydon

suzie said...

It is beautiful over there. There is a lot of one way bridges in the south island. I freaked out when I had to drive across the one that the train uses as well. Glad to see you enjoyed your holiday

Kimba4 said...

Love all the photos. DH and I went to NZ about 12 years ago.Its a lovely place.

clare's craftroom said...

Looks so good Gail , great photos .

Tozz said...

Thanks for showing us Gail....lots of good photos and you definately visited a lot of places.

Debs said...

Oh Gail your holiday must have been wonderful. Your photos are beautiful........New Zealand must be beautiful. It is on my list of places to visit but I think it has gone up on the list. Thanks so much for sharing. Have loved looking.

Melanie said...

That sunset is spectacular Gail.