Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blogtoberfest day 22 - Randomness

Thought I would share my yesterday with you. Not that anything exciting happened.

So I started my day on the computer then off to have my quiet which got interrupted so many times (I really have to get to my quiet time b4 John gets up or this happens), in the end I think my prayer time happened on & off through the day.

I really wanted to vacuum & mop all floors but only managed to get the hall, kitchen & one bathroom done. I really needed to clean 3 bathrooms but only managed to get to Royce's bathroom -oh my you should have seen the state of it - he has been working on his motorbike, I have never seen grease go so far, all over the glass and on all his bottles of lotions and potions, but I did eventually get it clean. I also wanted to make up some caring hearts packs, didn't even get to open the lid of the box.

The one job I was about to start was to cut out the blocks for the embroidery RR but found that the links I have are no longer valid and I didn't think to save them to my computer (didn't print them off as I didn't want to waste paper or ink). But thankfully Doris has printed them off and will send me copies, just have to wait for those b4 I can proceed. I did manage to do the embroidery on Leanne's centre and it is looking fab. Going to work on Doris' embroidery today.

I also wanted to reorganise all my display surfaces in the family room, that HAS to be done today. Well looks like I have a big day ahead of me as I need to do all those things and then some.

I thought I would finish today post with the youngest piccy of me that I know exists. This pic was taken when I was a few months old with my older siblings. I believe we were all waiting to be picked up for Sunday School. Look at all my hair. I have just realised how much baby Haylee looks like me in this pic. I will hunt out a baby pic of her and put it up for you to see if you agree.
Now I am going to give you a challenge, see if you can find the youngest pic of you, scan it and add it to your blog.

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